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Feeling stuck?

Everybody experiences phases in their life of feeling stuck and not finding real fulfilment. At such a time it may be difficult to get a clear vision on what action to take. Often this has to do with patterns that we have overdeveloped and outgrown. It’s time to let them go and move on to a new phase.


Qualities and patterns

However, natural tendencies are immobilizing us: the old qualities and patterns feel familiar and comfortable. We are reluctant to leave them. However, if we keep refusing to move to the next phase, sooner or later we will experience difficulties and disbalance.



We need new experiences, a move in the opposite direction. We must act in order to stay balanced. Working on new qualities might appear uneasy, scary and challenging, but it is the only way to find back satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment.


And you…

Are you curious what qualities you have already developed and what unique qualities you could develop in your life?

Are you curious how you can reach your full potential and find your unique path?




Soul mission

Your birth chart contains a wealth of information: in it is visible what qualities you bring to this life and what experiences you strive for to grow spiritual wise. Some people call this the ‘soul mission’. In this workshop I will help you discover this opposition of old and new in your horoscope.

Practical information


The workshop
You will get a brief introduction on the model of western astrology. Then I help you find specific points in your horoscope and supply you with the information needed to interpret them.

After the workshop
You will have a super clear understanding on what to work on in your life, and what patterns to let go of, to find peace, harmony and the path to your full potential.


Group size
2 – 4 persons

Euro 179,-  per person

Where and when?
There are several options. I offer this workshop on a mutually agreed date:
– for 1 – 2 persons in my office;
– for small groups (max 4 persons) at your house or a location of your choice;
– for 1 person via Skype.

How to book?
Use the message form or contact me via e-mail, phone or Skype.

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