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How I can help you find your true potential …

The birth chart shows your highly individual blue print. It is a very beautiful and practical model. If used in the right way, it can help you get a deeper understanding of your situation, of why you are here, of your essence and the actions you need to take to reach your full potential, what you came here for.

The chart is not a fixed truth and therefore fatalistic nor negative. It does, however, show your working points and qualities.

Looking at your horoscope I can help you understand why things are working out or failing to succeed in your life. What steps to undertake to get where you need to be. The transformation of challenging patterns creates potential: it helps you to take large steps forward.

Forget the new age thoughts about annihilating the ego.  An ego is very much needed to achieve your destiny and to fulfill your life’s purposes.

Nevertheless, it’s not only the ego we are talking about. Ultimately it goes much deeper, it’s your deeper soul that wants to learn. By tuning in to this wish, you can put your ego to work in a healthy way.

In your birth chart the qualities you bring in life are visible, but also what you would like to work on, and what steps will guide you to your true self.

We are all unique and different. We all bring in highly personal and different qualities. At the same time we all have different challenges in life, asking us to transform, to become again who we really are.

Nothing in life happens by chance…

By understanding ourselves and life in general on a deeper level, we can learn to take more control over ourselves and the situations we are in.

Creating awareness of what is happening inside and around us, results in understanding how deeply our belief system is creating our reality.

By listening to our body and the circumstances we meet in life, we get a tremendous amount of information about our belief system. Even at first glance ‘negative’ experiences or occurrences, viewed this way, are wonderful signals of life itself.

Pain for example is a beautiful signal, if interpreted in the right way. Mental or physical pain asks us to re-evaluate what we believe or how we act.  It is a signal to be grateful for, as it is encouraging us to make changes, so as to bring more joy and happiness on our life path. 

When we reach a deeper understanding of what we believe, consciously and unconsciously, we can begin to make changes. In doing so, we change our path. We start to create a beautiful life, here on earth, where fear is no more, and there is only room for trust and love.

Often there are positive signals too, pointing us to a new path that awaits us. A path that can bring us closer to ourselves, and that brings more pleasant circumstances. We only have to ‘see’ these signals…

More about astrology: a model…

Astrology works as a model. A model is not the reality. What an astrologer ‘sees’ has a lot to do with how he or she sees life. So in order to use astrology as a truly constructive tool, it’s very important to understand how life really works.

Many astrologers project their fears in a horoscope and create a self-fulfilling prophecy for them and their clients.

Partly because of my own experiences, I firmly believe that we can create our own life and expand it in a beautiful way. Astrology can be a help to overcome difficulties along the way, to realize our full authentic potential. I know from EXPERIENCE how to act upon life circumstances. I would love to share this information with you…

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