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Creating Sustainable Change

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How I can help to find potential…

What qualities does an employee have?

How can employees best develop their potential?

How can employees combine their qualities?



Career counselors often spend a lot of time getting information from their clients.


Astrology turns out to be an amazing time-saving tool.




working atmosphere


insight in their potential

What does astrology have to offer?

Addressing organizational culture

Change within an organization starts with the people who are part of it. In order to implement a broad change, we have to start at the bottom: the behavior of individual employees and managers. Behavior is for the most part unconscious. Only when we are consciously aware of habits and behavioral patterns, change becomes possible.

Qualities and learning opportunities

Modern, professional astrology offers insight into people’s needs and learning objectives. This way, an employee can learn about and achieve his full potential. When someone is in his element and knows his ideal work attitude, his job satisfaction increases. On top of that there is more mutual understanding, the risk of burnout reduces and productivity increases.

Yes, I want to create sustainable change

‘I do not know if I / my employee do(es) believe in astrology’

You do not have to believe in astrology to find an analysis interesting. Many skeptics were surprised by the depth and valuable insights they gained from it.

Suppose that astrology only works as a tool that raises certain questions. Questions that let you reflect on deeper themes, about your personal qualities, about problem situations in your life that repeat themselves, difficult communication, or the feeling that you are not completely in your place or comfortable. A tool that stimulates you to get started, take steps, take matters into your own hands and make changes…

… wouldn’t this be a valuable tool that has proved its worth?


By means of a horoscope analysis, a profile sketch can be made: character, emotional needs and qualities – which this person naturally goes down easily.

From acceptance to change

A horoscope shows the potential. Which qualities have already been acquired or even over-developed? And what blockages are there?
Unconscious patterns can be addressed and changed. Insight first creates acceptance of the current situation. Then the choice can be made to make changes and to take concrete steps. Harnessing qualities in the best possible way. Recognize blockages, clean them up if possible and otherwise give them a suitable place.

I have a question about the methodology

Each coaching process has four steps

1. Self-reflection

Employees are given the opportunity to get to know themselves better.

2. Awareness

Insight into unconscious behavior patterns.

3. Willingness to take the step

Recognize the ability to break through behavioral patterns.

4. Transformation

See what your own qualities are. Take steps to reach your own UNIQUE POTENTIAL.

Results for the individual employee

  • You gain insight into your
    • unconscious beliefs and behavioral patterns;
    • unique qualities;
    • pitfalls;
    • learning objectives.
  • You understand why certain situations in your life turned out the way they did. Acceptance and rest.
  • You separate yourself from what you think you should be. 
  • You are more effective in your work and contacts. 
  • You know what you stand for and how you achieve it. 
  • You have more energy left for yourself. 
  • You know that you have been more than good enough for a long time.

Results for the team

  • You gain nsight into 
    • everyone’s qualities;
    • how they interact.
  • More mutual understanding.
  • Smooth communication.
  • Stronger group cohesion.
  • Optimal utilization of everyone’s qualities.
  • Productivity increases, more job satisfaction.

What exactly does a coaching trajectory look like?


Leave your details here and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Providing data

We discuss wishes and expectations, how the horoscope analysis can be used best for your employees / team.
I ask for the birth data needed for the calculation of the horoscopes.

Horoscope analysis

Based on the birth data, I make a thorough analysis. This takes approximately 2 hours per horoscope.


The horoscope is discussed with the employees.

Follow-up (optional)

Depending on the needs of the team and the employees, a tailor-made route is created to achieve the best results.

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