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Passionate about helping you reveal your highly unique self, using modern astrology.

Introduction workshop Astrology
3 DECEMBER 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm,

Discover with
Modern Astrology:

• Your Unique Qualities
• Your life goals
• Your career path

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Find your soul mission and discover what kind of qualities you have and what qualities you can develop to find your full potential. 


Discover subconscious patterns that withhold you from being who you want to become. Get more clarity in a specific period in your life and discover what personal development lesson is involved. 

How I make use of Astrology

A birth chart shows a very individual blue print. It is a very beautiful and practical model. If used correctly, it can help you better understand your situation, why you are here, your essence and the actions you can take to reach your full potential.
The birth chart is not a fixed truth and therefore neither fatal nor negative. However, he does show you your qualities and the points that you can still work on.
When I look at your horoscope, I can help you understand why things work or fail in your life. What steps you can take to get where you need to be. The transformation of challenging patterns creates potential: it helps to make big steps forward.

About Sjoerd

With a background in mechanical engineering and industrial engineering, I dare to say that I am practical and down-to-earth.

I have made career as a project leader for multinationals in the energy sector and mental healthcare industry, and as a teacher.

More and more I realized that I had to take a different road in life, that I had to follow my heart and do what I am really good at, being able to understand many complex life questions.

Today I use this ability in combination with my knowledge of astrology to help you discover your personal development path.

I am passionate about helping you to be your true self.



Working with Sjoerd on my horoscope was like making a journey through my past and present. It helped me to become aware of things that I experienced, giving them a new meaning in a wider frame.

It was like looking at myself in a mirror with love and compassion that come from accepting what I am, both light and shadow, potential and weakness…and from there it came a stronger will to work on myself with a new inspiration to guide me.

I found Sjoerd’s knowledge about astrology very deep. He also advised me some books to go deeper in my journey. He’s a good listener too and has a gentle and respectful way of communicating about the things that often are quite sensitive.

I’m really grateful for the work on myself I did with him and I would really advise him to all that want a powerful fascinating stimulus for their personal evolution

Sylvia Lapolla

Psychologist - Learning Manager

I’m impressed by the insight astrology offers in who you are and in what your most important development points are. Impressive to see how much you can learn about yourself without a whole string of therapeutic sessions or reading a lot of books.

Being a psychologist, I have a lot of experience with development processes and I’m always looking for new ways to gain insight. Astrology is, as far as I’m concerned, a beautiful and relatively fast way to get a grip on the next step in your development. I don’t mean a horoscope as read in monthly magazines, of course, but an analysis by a serious professional. That’s why I can recommend a consult or workshop with Sjoerd wholeheartedly. I found him to be very professional and compassionate and I had a pleasant and informative session with him.

Pim van Riet


I had an astrology coaching session with Sjoerd and it was very interesting. I don’t know much about astrology, so it was extra nice to see what astrology could tell about my personality. I was surprised by the number of characteristics Sjoerd could name, that corresponded perfectly with how I see myself. On top of that I got a clear image of the barriers on the road to change I want to take. It was so true and that was very cool. I got a deeper insight into myself, so interesting! I recommend a session with Sjoerd to everyone. Enjoy it!


Nynke Visser

Location manager Seats2meet, Utrecht

(Bedrijfs) Astroloog Sjoerd Bijleveld. Een integere, warme en gevoelige man met vooral humor en een enorme brok aan kennis op het gebied van astrologie.Op een luchtige manier zijn we het gesprek aangegaan en heeft hij vooral op basis van wat ik nodig heb gekeken welke opvallende events er plaats (zullen) vinden in mijn leven. Vooral ook wat er nog voor interessante planeetstanden aankomen waar ik mijn voordeel mee kan doen. Hij is vrij accuraat, want wat hij vertelde klopt met eerdere uitkomsten en dat wat ik voel. Hij geeft je ook antwoord op eerdere situaties en met welke standen dat te maken had. Voor mij een enorme eyeopener en rustgevende gedachte dat ik echt op mezelf mag vertrouwen. Sjoerd is geen toekomstvoorspeller, no way! En dat vind ik tof van Sjoerd, zijn oprechte kennis is een kompas, want het leven mag je namelijk zelf invullen. Astrologie kan je een richting geven zodat je je voordeel ermee kunt doen.
Keep up the good work Sjoerd!

Warme groet,
Leslie Stoel

Leslie Stoel

Transformational Coach, Leslie Stoel

Out of curiosity I decided to participate in a workshop of Sjoerd about the meaning of the moon nodes. We started with a brief, general explanation of the model of astrology Sjoerd uses, followed by a more in-depth session about the meaning of the moon nodes in my personal horoscope.

It turned out to be an easy way to get a grip on the qualities I have developed already and qualities I can still work on. I recognized a lot in the information emerging from my horoscope: the way I interact with others, values that are important to me… It was fascinating to me to realize how much a horoscope can tell about the way I am and act, but I found it even more interesting to figure out what’s new for me, like what’s good to focus more on in life.

I asked Sjoerd a lot of questions, and he took his time to answer them all. He explained everything in a calm, gentle and interesting way. After the workshop I truly was interested to learn even more about astrology. It showed me a complete new way of looking at myself and how I can develop myself. There’s so much to discover.

I’m very thankful for everything I gained from this workshop and would recommend it to anyone who wants to undertake an inner journey through astrology.

Ingrid van Erp

Social Worker

I have experienced my consultation with Sjoerd as very nice and helpful, it has given me more clarity and a different perspective on things that play a role in my life, with which you can actually do something.
It is also nice that Sjoerd is down to earth and communicates with you in a clear way.
I can recommend it to anyone to come over, it can clarify a lot and give direction, that’s what it did to me.


App Developer

Self-development is one of my favorite topics, and I found astrology to be an interesting source of information in this field. As Sjoerd says: ’It doesn’t predict anything, but it shows possible influences and how we can work with or against these forces.’

I had already done a birth chart check with a different astrologer, but that’s what I liked about my sessions with Sjoerd: not only did I get more information, I also got a better understanding of how to work with it.

Sjoerd really takes the time to explain everything and to answer all your questions. His enthusiasm to help you understand is limitless: there is always more he can and wants to share with you. You can feel and hear the depth of his understanding of astrology.

I enjoyed Sjoerd’s way of working with astrology: it may be (somewhat) confronting but it inspires you to take responsibility for making changes in your life.


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